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Be.EV are rapidly expanding the electric vehicle charging network across Greater Manchester to make it easier for more people to make greener travel choices.

There are more than 40,000 public charging points across the UK, but as more people choose electric vehicles, many more will be needed.

Our proposals for a new electric vehicle charging hub at Reliance Street will contribute to meeting that growing demand, and we want to know what you think about our plans! Please scroll down to read more about our proposed Reliance Street Hub and provide us with your feedback.

An architect’s impression of the Reliance Street Hub
Aerial view of the site


This site was once a petrol station, though it has been disused for more than 15 years. By taking advantage of this convenient location on the regional highway network, we can bring this unloved patch of land back in to use.

Our proposals for a new charging hub, accompanied by a convenience store and coffee shop, would provide additional facilities for local people. A high-quality landscaping plan will give the site a lift, improving its appearance for nearby residents and the thousands of people who pass it every day.

Our proposals are for more than just an electric vehicle charging hub. As well as 16 electric vehicle charging bays, the plans also incorporate:

  • A canopy with a green roof, adding biodiversity to this urban location
  • A convenience store and coffee shop, creating jobs and providing convenient local shops for nearby residents
  • Tree planting, softening the appearance of the development
Architect’s impression of the proposed aerial view
Architect’s impression of the Reliance Street elevation


We pride ourselves on our developments and work hard to make them an asset to the areas in which they are sited.

Our Reliance Street proposal would be no different, aiming to be an urban green oasis, with a finish of the highest quality.

The site would be guarded with appropriate security measures so that it does not become a magnet for antisocial behaviour. The landscaping would be cared for on an ongoing basis to keep the development looking its best.


The Government is set to ban the sale of new combustion engine vehicles in 2030, to reduce the country’s carbon emissions coming from transport. Already, thousands of people have made the transition to electric vehicles, and as more do, they will need places to charge them up!

Electric vehicles are quieter, and more environmentally friendly than fossil fuel-powered cars as they have no street level emissions. As well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions they are less detrimental to local air quality.


Be.EV is the largest EV charging network across Greater Manchester and are expanding at pace across the north of England to make charging simple, reliable and effortless.

We work closely with the communities in which we operate and were appointed by Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) in 2019 to grow and maintain the city-region’s publicly owned EV charging network. This included a major upgrade of the existing network as well as the delivery of additional public and private funded chargers. We already have more than 140 across Greater Manchester!

Our mission is to give all drivers what they want: more chargers, in more places that they can access more easily and more cost-effectively. We think Reliance Street offers a great opportunity to do just that!


Join in the conversation via Twitter or Facebook and find out more about our plans, our membership scheme and how you can get involved. Tell us what you think today.

We think that our plans will make this site an asset to the community once again by providing important facilities for local people, but we want to know what you think too! Please provide your feedback via the online form below.

We also have a freephone telephone line on 0800 298 7040 which you can use to speak to a member of the project team, or an e-mail address where you can write to us directly feedback@consultationonline.co.uk.

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